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1st Corner of the raincoat workshop:

This is our raincoat workshop, mainly produce PU raincoat, PU rain suit, PU raincoat for men, PU raincoat kids with reflecitve tape. Can Produce more than 4000 pcs per daypu raincoat welding machine

china PU raincoat rain poncho factory

2nd Corner of the raincoat & rain poncho workshop:

This PVC rain poncho, PVC raincoat workshop can produce more than 5000 pcs of rain poncho or raincoat per day.

rain poncho raincoat sewing machine
pvc rain poncho factory china

3rd Corner of the EVA rain poncho & raincoat workshop:

We can Produce more than 10000 pcs of eva poncho and eva raincoat per day, material : EVA, PEVA, Also can do shower curtain, table cover

eva rain poncho eva poncho cuting
eva rain poncho eva poncho EVA raincoat welding

4th Corner of our PE rain poncho raincoat workshop:

Do PE films by ourself, Can produce 20000 pcs of pe ponchos per day, produce 20000 pcs of pe raincoat per day.

PE rain poncho emergency disposable PE materials machine

pe disposable emergency rain poncho raincoat factory china
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