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Sytle No.: Rain Poncho Women - PVC008

001, 002, 003,004, 005, 006,007, 008, 009 , 010
Your brand name or logo should be imprinting on the back or front of this Rain Poncho Women.
Drawing string hood available on the Rain Poncho Women, 2 pcs of snap on each side of the Rain Poncho Women
Size of the Rain Poncho Women:
30"*50" 42"*60" 45"*72" 50"*80" 52"*80" 52"*90"
other Size according buyer design available
Materials thickness of the Rain Poncho Women: PVC 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.14mm, 0.16mm... Customer's request thickness available, materials shoule embossed PVC, Plain PVC.
Colors of the Rain Poncho Women:
Multi-color or Other color according buyer's pantone number available.
Each Rain Poncho Women individually packed into one small PVC pouch or OPP bag, This Rain Poncho Women are great for camping, sporting events, outdoor festivals or to simply to take out for the day, keep you stay dry for any time..
Order Quantity of the Rain Poncho Women:
MOQ:5000 pcs or 10000 pcs, more quantity with more cheap price.

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Rain Poncho Women---- 008

001, 002, 003,004, 005, 006,007, 008, 009 , 010

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